<img src="https://agentmarketing.com/usr/13/76/10/23/56/180528011052.jpg?t=1556267811"><br>320 S Knight Creek. Very large spacious open feeling home situated for excellent views out each window. This triplewide home is set on top of a hill with 300-degree views. Real power to the property, on septic and with a very good private well. The pad has several locations on it where a large garage could easily be added. Road to the property is good in all weather, only time you may want 4x4 is in extreme wet weather. Fewer than 2 miles of gravel from the Interstate.TripleWide 39 Acs REAL POWER Horses OK Kingman AZ! Please visit our Willow Creek Ranch Facebook Page! Willow Creek Ranch is PERFECT! It has everything! Water is at affordable depths. The land is rough &amp; varied with hills, canyons, junipers, pinions and lots of wildlife, including deer, elk, javelina, and some elusive cougars and bob cats. Views are spectacular. TripleWide 39 Acs REAL POWER Horses OK Kingman AZ! The climate is mild in all the seasons at about 5000' elevation. The minimum 36 acre parcel size creates privacy. A great place to get away, vacation, use as a hunting camp, or live off-grid. TripleWide 39 Acs REAL POWER Horses OK Kingman AZ! <br>